Simultaneous Translation: Spanish

  • Practice Simutaneous translation skills
  • Brush up on Spanish expressions
  • Practice Spanish from several industries

Have you ever wondered what it would like to be a simultaneous translator at the United Nations, at a company event or even for a meeting at your place of worship? This digital internship will allow you to practice and develop your Spanish simultaneous translation skills. In every practice session you are given a maximum of 5 seconds to translate the expression or sentence that was given.  Work with an experienced translator to see how to do the translation first or jump ahead and go straight to the testing section for a true challenge. In each episode, you will practice 5 sentences at a time from the following industries:  1) Business 2) Careers 3) Government 4) Food 5) Agriculture 6) Transportation 7) Fitness 8) Sports 9) Health 10) Literature 11) History and 12) Science. To make your translations sound really polished, some practice sessions will also focus solely on expressions, idioms and phrases that can spice up your translations and make you sound like a native!  Learn it, reproduce it, perfect it, practice it and use it with Simultrans-Spanish!

A new episode each week: Maximum 365

Prerequisites: Advanced level French and would like

to practice your simultaneous Translation skills