Beginner and Travel English

65 Conversations 
Our Beginner and Travel English conversations are very practical conversations designed to help you to: 

-Just get started talking
-Communicate with people when you are travelling abroad
-Navigate a new city

Over the course of 65 engaging conversations, you’ll practice the topics below: 

-Introducing yourself
-Telling someone where you are from
-Asking for and giving directions
-Describing food
-Asking about products
-Making a reservation
-Meeting new people
-Days of the week
-Birthdays and Dates
-Buying a train ticket
-Asking a Bus Driver for help
-Driving directions
-Airport directions

Intermediate English: 

200 Conversations 
The Fluency Fix Intermediate conversations are designed to allow you to express yourself on a wide variety of topics using 20 different grammatical structures.  Over the course of 200 English conversations you’ll practice expressing yourself comfortably using the grammar categories below.  You’ll practice ten conversations per category and gradually build upon your skills as the course progresses. 

-The Present Tense
-The Past Tense
-The Present Continuous
-The Past Continuous
-The Present Perfect
-The Present Perfect Continuous
-The Past Perfect
-The Past Perfect Continuous
-The Future -Going To
-The future – Will
-The future continuous
-The Conditional
-The Passive
-Reported Speech
-Relative Clauses
-The Imperative

Business English:  

100 Conversations 
These business English conversations are designed to help you at work, to advance your career and to prepare you for doing a job interview in English.  Diversify your business conversation portfolio by becoming comfortable expressing yourself on the topics below:  

-Loyalty Programs
-Customer Service

-Doing a job interview in English

Start practicing now.