"Why we're obsessed with speaking practice"

Virtual Language Practice is a deliberate practice platform for practicing foreign languages.  Our flagship product, Fluency Fix, uses a combination of AI and real humans to provide language learners with out-loud speaking practice in the language they are studying.

This interactive, videocentric approach to fluency began with a simple belief; if you want to get better at a foreign language, your mouth should be moving.

Like a lot of other language learners, we loved our apps, textbooks, quiz programs and other tools but what we desperately needed was some regular, fluency building, out-loud conversation practice.

We care about

1) Access to education
2) Empowerment to overcome barriers and exceed expectations
3) Maximum engagement in life and at work

Our Team

Our team is made up of language professionals, teachers, bilinguals, translators, video professionals writers and actors who provide language learners with the daily speaking practice that they need.


How it all works

Our Fluency Fix brand provides daily interactive conversation practice in several languages including English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. Whether you’re looking for a corporate language training program or just trying to learn a few phrases before your next trip, our on-demand conversations are the perfect complement to your language studies.

In every interactive conversation you’ll have the chance to practice a conversation 3 times out loud, first as person B, then as Person A.

When you don’t have a native speaker nearby or can’t travel abroad to practice, we bring the native speakers to you through our interactive conversation practice sessions. Fluency in a second language and being truly bilingual is now accessible to everyone!

What is a virtual conversation practice session anyway?

Each language series includes 4 sections, SEE IT, STUDY IT, SAY IT AND SCORE IT. See a demo of the SAY IT section below.

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