The most frequently asked questions about Fluency Fix

A virtual conversation is an interactive conversation between you and an animated talking character. To see a quick demonstration of a virtual conversation, click here.  You will do the conversation three times.  During the conversation, you will see the text on the screen. Your lines will be written in white.  Your virtual conversation practice partner’s lines will be a little pale.  Say your lines out loud, first as person B, then wait for your virtual conversation practice partner to speak then say your lines again, just like a real conversation!  After this, you will switch and you will be Person A.  When you are person A, you have to be ready to start speaking immediately because the first line in the conversation will be yours. 

Every video has a menu that allows you to go the part of the video that you want to practice. To see a visual for your menu options, click here. The menu will be in the form of interactive multi-colored buttons on the video itself, yellow chapter markers on the bottom of the video or a pop-out menu that allows you to click on the part of the video that you want to go to.  To see all your menu options, we recommend watching your videos in full-screen mode. For videos in the English, French , Chinese, Japanese or Spanish series, your menu options will usually become visible about 60 seconds into the video.

We offer 5 types of discounts

1) We offer discounts to not for profit organizations in the education sector.

2) We offer discounts to not for profit organizations whose primary focus is working with children.

3) We offer discounts to North American registered charities involved in deploying staff to an overseas mission.

4) We offer 100+ bulk discounts to corporations and other organizations registering 100 or more staff members/users/residents/clients.

5) We offer discounts to (Brick and Mortar) Schools and libraries.

For subscribers, a minimum of one new conversation per week will be added for each series. The maximum number of episodes per series is listed on the courses page.